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Faresin Formwork: Innovative SME

Faresin Formwork PMI innovativa

The title is recognized in the special section of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce

At Faresin Formwork, innovation has always been part of our DNA. Our company, born from a forward-looking intuition, continues over the years to be faithful and consistent to its natural vocation for research.

Therefore, we continue to devote investment to the development of new products to confirm ourselves at the forefront and to meet the diverse needs of the more than 90 markets in which we are present.

As a testament to our ongoing commitment, in February 2022 we were awarded the important title of innovative SME in the special section of the Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, an official recognition of the Italian government's Ministry of Economic Development for the percentage of investment we devote to Research and Development.

Construction of prototypes for special projects

In fact, at Faresin Formwork, we invest 10 percent of our revenue each year to ļ¬nance studies inherent in both the experimental field and technological innovation.

With the title of Innovative SME, we now join that core group of small-to-medium-sized enterprises that contribute to the innovative and technological development of our country.

The next step is to continue our efforts in this direction.

Construction of prototypes for special projects

We have set ourselves increasingly ambitious business goals that we want to achieve through constant technical progress. We want to promote innovation within our industry by rethinking product design from the perspective of performance and absolute safety.

Find out how we are committed to protecting the environment

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