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Aluminium shore Alu-Up2
From 1500/2500 to 4350/6250 (From 4’ 11’’ 8’ 2’’ to 14’ 3’’ -20’ 6’’ )

Extension Alu-Up2
From 500 to 1500 (From 1’ 7” to 4’ 11’’)

New Features

Can reach heights of 6 metres (19’ 8”) and higher by means of special extensions.

New accessories

Connecting trusses
The connection truss, of various sizes, allows the ALU-UP2 shores to be joined together, when capacity and height require it. The truss enables users to create a continuous structure of shores or create a connection system to towers, capable of supporting slabs or anything else of considerable size. The system allows a considerable saving of high capacity shores or other traditional systems.

Alu-Up2 aluminium shore

The ALU-UP2 shore, weighing half the standard steel shores and offering a double supporting capacity, enables users to save on the number of shores to be supplied. The telescopic component can be accurately adjusted at the right height by rotating the ring nut. It is possible to brace the ALU-UP2 aluminium shores together with the connecting truss which guarantees stability, resistance and balance.

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