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SCATTO’s other strengths are its high impact resistance and its high capacity to withstand loads, up to a capacity of 200 kN.


SCATTO is a revolutionary lowering system which, once firmly fixed to the base of the shores, enables easy disassembly thanks to a 15mm lowering.
This way you will only act on the ring nut of the shores at a later time, when these have already been unloaded, thus extending their life cycle and preventing damage to them during the dismantling step.

The most innovative aspect of SCATTO is its automatic reset. In fact, after a cycle of use, once it is lifted to be positioned in a subsequent configuration, an internal mechanism fitted with a special spring intervenes to reset it in a fully automatic mode.

This way, SCATTO is always ready for use and this decreases the possibility of errors on site and speeds up its use throughout the various operational steps.

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