Shoring System

The ALU-UP2 high capacity aluminium shore is a valid alternative for the traditional shoring system, allowing you to reach high capacities. Alternatively, traditional steel shores can be used.

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Faresin Formwork also combines technology and maximum efficiency in relation to shoring for construction. As essential elements for numerous work site applications, ALU-UP2 shoring truly stands out as the best solution.

These are aluminium shores for construction, with prime features: they weigh less than half of the steel version while, at the same time, offering twice the capacity: this means using significantly fewer construction shores in the work site.

ALU-UP2 aluminium telescopic shores make it possible to achieve great heights by simply turning the ring nut. It is also possible to brace ALU-UP2 construction shores together by the connecting framework, thereby guaranteeing stability, resistance and balance. This framework can also be used to build a continuous structure of shores or a tower connection system, again using significantly fewer construction shores, guaranteeing high capacity and maximum safety.

By choosing ALU-UP2 you can build the new single-sided wall system developed by Faresin Formwork. The construction shores are the key element of this is versatile and high performance construction solution. Specifically, single-sided wall systems make it possible to achieve casting heights between 3 and 4.5 metres. Lower heights are obtained through the use of a single shore; heights of 4.5 are achieved using two.

To complete its range of aluminium shoring systems, Faresin Formwork offers a broad choice of high capacity shores in coated, hot and cold galvanised steel.

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