The ALUFORT aluminum system is made up of a series of props, with drophead, supporting a structure of aluminum panels reciprocally connected through toothed section beams. All elements composing the system weigh max. 20 kg so they can be manually handled, more quickly and easily. The fastening along the perimeter is obtained with wooden shims supported by ALUFORT Faresin Formwork elements, such as: fixed head, combined head and stirrup for drophead. The wooden shims around the collums shall be instead supported by shimming sections.

  • The utilization of less props (with only one prop you can build a surface of 3,375 mq);
  • The possibility to reuse the panels and the toothed beams after few days from the casting (it depends from the slab thickness and the concrete consistency);
  • The saving of planting and removing time;
  • The possibility to use both ALU UP2 props and high capacity props.